TalkIP Telephone Solutions
SmartConnect allows you to simply place a TalkIP telephone at every individual’s desk or place a TalkIP softphone on their computer, whether at the office, home or hotel and immediately upon connection – every individual is connected together as if they were all in the same office and available 24/7 to answer live, answer with voicemail or even from their cell phone. Multiple phones can ring simultaneously; as you desire. Thus, SmartConnect™.

The advantage of SmartConnect™ is that now your entire team can achieve connectivity for communication whenever and wherever you need it to any device o/h/m.

Who knew SmartIP™ could be so easy! Whether placing phone calls or conference calls from the office in business dress code; or sitting on the balcony of your hotel room in a swim suit…everyone can always leave a positive impression…unsurpassed by the origin of your location or attire.

SmartConnect™ encircles genius…and all internal communication is free inside SmartConnect™ for every minute of every call that your team speaks together when using your TalkIP telephone and TalkIP Softphone system.