TalkIP Telephone Solutions
SmartConference allows you to host conference calls at any time with anyone.

It is so easy…all you do is simply invite a guest to your SmartConference™ call with your TalkIP SmartConference™ telephone number and PIN (we provided to you) for inviting guests outside of your TalkIP system or you can use a 4 digit guest extension number and PIN (we also provide to you) for inviting guests/personnel inside your TalkIP system, along with the date and time you want to host your SmartConference™ call…and that’s it.

Upon the date and appointment time your guests simply dial your invite number to your SmartConference™ call. They will be greeted, “Please enter your PIN”…next, “Please state your name”…next, their names are announced as they arrive and you can begin speaking together.

The advantage of SmartConference™ is that you and your entire team can achieve a SmartConference™ call whenever and wherever you need it.

Who knew SmartIP™could be so easy! SmartConference™ is very affordable to you for guests outside of your TalkIP™ system. For the guests/personnel using your TalkIP telephones and TalkIP Soft phones during every SmartConference™ call every minute of every SmartConference™ call is free.