TalkIP Telephone Solutions
SmartDistributor allows you to distribute all Talk Too Me TalkIP Telephone Solutions.

It is easy to get started…and begins by you simply contacting us. Enroll in Talk Too Me’s nationwide SmartDistributor™ Program and you can be trained and ready to provide the world’s leading SmartIP™ Telephone Solutions…earning income from the comprehensive services required; including, the customers wiring and TalkIP system installations, repairs, expansion, and the residual monthly compensation paid to you by Talk Too Me based on the customers you sell the TalkIP plans. Success is based on your desire and sales strengths.

We will provide you the capability to start selling the SmartIP™ telephone solutions to businesses and to be able to professionally create our easy to use TalkIP Customer Agreements that include customer system pricing and option plans. We also provide you your own sales activities tracking, easy account set-up and retrieving your active account proposals, reporting, technical support notifications, customer customized TalkIP Telephone Solutions and more. We also make these easy to use features available to you on-line at Talk Too Me’s website. SmartDistributor administration by you is available to you from your computer and mobile PDA, such as an I-Phone or Blackberry, connected to the Internet for ease, convenience and remote customer support.

Whether you are technical or not, your efforts are to build sales and our effort will be to support the technical requirements. Upon discussion with us, approval and agreement by Talk Too Me, you can begin your new business endeavor…we are ready to begin discussions with you as soon as you are ready to begin.
An advantage of the SmartDistributor™program for businesses currently involved in telecommunications, electrical, and many other businesses that serve current businesses that all need telephone solutions, is that you can leverage your strengths with ours wherever you are located in the USA or throughout the world.

Who knew SmartIP™could be so easy! SmartDistributor™ is very affordable to get started. We provide on-line training so you do not need to travel to us for training on how to sell and install SmartIP™ Telephone Solutions and TalkIP system.